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Tunmarsh school will be closed for the summer break from 1pm on the 19th July 2017 and will reopen to students on Wednesday 6th September 2017 at 8.30am. Wed, 19 Jul 2017 08:53:42 +0100

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We offer a range of educational programmes for young people unable to attend their mainstream school. Our aim is to help remove barriers to learning through an individualised response to our pupil's needs. We passionately believe in giving young people every opportunity to learn and succeed in our friendly, supportive school. Visit website

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If a student is absent from school please inform the school by phone on the first morning of the absence. Please provide a note on your child’s return to school, even if you have left a message.

Out of School Appointments

Students who go to the optician, clinic, dentist, hospital, etc. must have an appropriate appointment card or letter to give to their tutor during morning registration. They will be given a form which sets out details of the visits. At the time of leaving school the student must report to the School Office. The student should have the form with them when they are out of school. On returning to school the student must report to the School Office.

Please make every effort not to make appointments during school time.

Change of Address

Parents/carers are asked to let the school know immediately in writing of any change of home address, telephone number, places of work and emergency contact information.

Leaving the School Premises

No student is allowed to leave the school premises during the school sessions without permission from a senior member of staff.

Lunch Arrangements

All students have to remain on the school premises during lunchtime. School meals are provided.

Dress code

At New Directions you have the privilege of not wearing uniform, however we do have a dress code.. We believe the desire of individuals to wear particular clothes is outweighed by the following factors:

  • Teaching and learning – if a student’s face is obscured for any reason, for example by hats, hoods, veils, sunglasses etc. The teacher may not be able to judge their engagement with learning, and to secure their participation in discussions and practical activities;
  • The need to protect young people from external pressure to wear clothing they would not otherwise choose to adopt, and having to adopt patterns of dress associated with extreme and antisocial elements in the wider community, including styles and colours associated with gangs;
  • The desire to promote harmony between different groups represented in New Directions;
  • Professionalism –students, would be expected to dress appropriately in order to promote a positive image at vocational learning settings and events such as Parents’ /Carers’ Evenings, Liaison events, etc.;
    Health and safety – for example, long hair may need to be tied back in practical subjects , or those taking part in sporting activities may be asked to remove jewellery if it is considered that it poses a risk (as we have a legal duty of care).

In addition, items of clothing that may reasonably be expected to cause offence to any member of our learning community, such as clothes bearing inappropriate language or images, or particularly revealing items of clothing, are not allowed to be worn in New Directions. Torn clothing (e.g. jeans), short “shorts”, beachwear (including flip flops) are not permitted. Hoodies and baseball caps are not to be worn in class.

If a student is believed to be in breach of our Dress Code, the matter should be referred to a member of the Senior Management Team. They will review the situation and, if they feel that the code has been breached, they will:

  • Discuss the matter with the student(s) concerned, explaining clearly what the issue is and in what way they have breached the Dress Code;
  • Persistent or willful breaches of the Dress Code will be dealt with in accordance with the relevant disciplinary procedures.

A Personal Items 

The school cannot accept responsibility for the theft of and damage to personal items, please do not bring these into school. 
We recommend that large amounts of money, radios, personal stereos, mobile phones and/or pagers are not brought into school. The electronic items mentioned above are not allowed to be used during the school day.

Reporting to Parents

A number of parent/carers consultation meetings are held each year to discuss a variety of issues including student progress.
If parents have any concerns at any time about their child's progress they must tell us so we can help. There is always a member of staff available to talk to you.

The Newsletter

A newsletter is sent to parents each term. This gives an account of what has happened during the term and details of forthcoming events and activities.

School Rules

We have a set of 6 simple rules to support learning.

  • Follow instructions from staff.
  • Show respect to everyone in and around the school – no swearing, name calling or upsetting sexual or racial language, no bullying, vandalism or dropping litter.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed to be used in class.
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  • Come to lessons on time.
  • Eat and drink at break and lunchtime only.