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Performing Arts

Performing Arts

GCSE / BTEC Equivalent



General Course Information

Here at New directions, the drama department follow the BTEC Entry Level (Entry 3) and BTEC Level 1 in Performing Arts. Pupils will have the opportunity to engage in a range of artistry skills and techniques. Pupils will learn about performance and non-performance roles, different performance types and venues. Pupils will experience different performances, go behind the lens of the camera, direct, write and broaden their knowledge and personal love of creative arts. Pupils will look at employability in the arts world and apply these skills to create their own CV. Pupils will be able to perform to an audience through a variety of medium. Pupils will have lessons in drama therapy, looking at emotions, feelings and thoughts through games and discussions. Allowing the students to express themselves freely and to have a lifelong loves of the arts.


Assessment and Feedback

Throughout the year pupils will focus on performance and non-performance roles and look at the different types of performance venues and types of performances, this will be done through group work, role play, discussions and online research. Pupils will need to be able to talk about specific roles and explain in detail about different types of performances. Pupils will have opportunities of visiting various venues and theatres. Pupils will need to carry out a review on the plays that they see throughout the year.


As part of the assignment brief pupils will need to demonstrate, they have met the criteria for the working world of performing arts. Pupils to explore and understand different types of jobs. Pupils will have the opportunity to either produce photographs or a video of a talk about many of the skills required for particular jobs.


Pupils will also need to demonstrate that they are able to apply the knowledge, skills and techniques gained throughout the course into a practical performance; this could be music, drama, musicals or dance. Giving you personal freedom to choose what you want to do and focus on. Pupil will take charge of their performance and experience what it is like to perform in front of an audience. Pupils will also be assessed through the technical side of performing arts, for example, lighting, sound or stage management. Pupils will also have the chance to create their own prop or scenery, so that everyone will have something to show for the end of the year assessment.


How parents and carers can help
  • Encourage your child to visit websites related to subject.
  • Talk to child about their progress and interest areas in the subject.
  • Encourage your child to try extracurricular activities, to do with performance, join a performance group.
  • Subject related educational visits.
  • Providing suitable resources.


Teacher: Elizabeth Fletcher


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